Rehabilitation Centres In South Africa Norms And Standards

Published: 30th March 2011
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There are two main types of drug rehabilitation centres in South Africa. The first are government controlled and deals with people who cannot afford to pay for their own rehabilitation. The second type of drug rehabilitation centres are privately owned and administered and can be very expensive.

Both these types of rehabilitation centres have varying degrees of success in total drug recovery and employ different techniques to assist a drug addict in the recovery process.

All drug rehabilitation centres in South Africa need to adhere to certain standards before they can begin operating as a recovery facility.

The need to operate in accordance with the Minimum Norms and Standards for Treatment as stipulated by the Prevention and Treatment of Drug Dependency Act 20 of 1992. The rehabilitation centres need to be registered with the Department of Social Development as well as the Department of Health.

Lacking these registrations will mean that the rehabilitation centres will not be able to operate legally. Any rehabilitation centre will also need to be registered with the Board of Health Funders so that they can receive a practice number.

Medical Aids, Insurance Funds and other schemes that offer financial assistance for medical conditions will require this number before they will provide any funding for the rehabilitation.

Any other registrations that rehabilitation centres have will enhance the service that you can expect to receive at the facility. If you have medical funding or other mean to pay for the treatment, try to find rehabilitation facilities that meet with international standards for drug abuse recovery.

This will ensure that the rehabilitation centre that you choose will be up to date with all the latest techniques, therapies and treatments to give you the highest chance at a successful recovery.

It is advised that before you commit yourself or a loved one to a rehabilitation centre, to find out more about the standards that must be met by rehabilitation centres in South Africa as well as the history and success rate of your chosen rehabilitation centre.

Only then can you rest assure that you are in the hands of those who want to help you to live a drug-free life.

For help with drug addiction you need a drug rehab centre that has experience and the know how when it comes to a successfull recovery. Head over to now for more information and help.

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