Car Hire Durban Tips

Published: 15th June 2012
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Car Hire In Durban Tips And Guidance

Some of the considerations and questions regarding car hire in Durban, South Africa are briefly answered below. It is better to book car hire in Durban through a central online booking company that has affiliations with numerous international vehicle rental services.

You will be able to locate better deals and will have the benefit of online comparison. It should be noted that such online booking websites offer a specific system for booking and will present you with a voucher that must be emailed to the particular vehicle rental company in Durban.

Take your voucher, driverís license, identity document or passport as well the proof of payment and your credit card along when collecting the car for hire in Durban at the specific collection point. Cars can normally be collected at the rental location stipulated on the car hire voucher. In some instances the car hire company in Durban may have down-town offices in which case you will have to make use of the shuttle services at the airport to get to the collection point. You may also need to take a utility bill with as proof of residence. To be on the safe side take two such bills along and note that a valid South African driverís license or an international driverís license recognised by the car hire companies in Durban must be presented.

If your flight arrives in Durban in the early morning hours you can still collect the car from the collection point if the company has a 24 hour service. There may be an additional charge on the car hire in Durban if you collect it outside normal office hours. If you want to drop the car off at another location than the collection point you must make a one way rental booking and stipulate the drop-off point at the online booking facility.

Car Hire Durban Tips

A few of the important considerations regarding car hire Durban based services are shared below. It is important to get all the information regarding car hire available in Durban before making a booking. Online booking websites allowing for special deals to be viewed from various reputable companies are the best sources to locate car rental specials in Durban.

Child Seats & Extra Drivers

Although many companies do offer child seat facilities with their car hire deals for Durban, do not assume that such will be available without prior confirmation with the specific car hire service. The vehicle rental services in South Africa normally allow for a friend or family member of the person who rented the vehicle to drive it, but the person must have a legal South African or International Driverís licence and must have obtained it at least 12 months prior to driving the rental vehicle. Most of car hire services in Durban will charge extra for such and you must register the additional drivers when renting the car.

Specific Models

When booking through a central online facility, you will receive a voucher to email to the specific car hire service in Durban. The voucher must also be presented upon collection of the vehicle. A specific model cannot be guaranteed and will be subject to availability at the particular car hiring company in Durban.


A person can cancel an online booking for vehicle rental in Durban, but the vouchers must be returned to the online booking company and made in writing. It is essential to email the notification of cancellation to the central booking company and to the specific car hire

Durban based company.

Be sure to book car hire services for Durban online and well in advance. Get your email confirmation and voucher and contact the online booking company should you be unsure of the procedures and terms and conditions offered by the vehicle rental company.

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